Resources for Product Marketing Reading

I believe that there is no linear path to enter into Product Marketing industry. In this page, I share my favorite resources for reading, although I read many more blog posts in Medium etc. I tried to avoid popular reading choices such as Growthhackers, Mind the Product, Intercom or ConversionXL because I am sure that most of you are already reading them. The reason I love reading those professionals is that they have a unique way of thinking and they consistently writing about it, helping me actual shape my own philosophy and way of doing things.

Product Marketing Resources

Seth’s Blog

One of the most reputable marketing gurus, talking about marketing in the digital era & business mindset. Mass TV advertising is over and you need to be ready to change this mentality & adapt to new & more effective strategies. He has a simple way of thinking, an approach that we as professionals sometimes ignore. His blog posts are inspirational for product & company vision.

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Occam’s Razor


The “God” of digital analytics. All of his articles are must-read. You might need a day or two to finish one article (most of his blog posts are quite long) but they definitely worth it. His blog has valuable content both for analysts/optimization specialists, and managers. What do you think when someone says: All data in aggregate is “crap?

Must Read Article: Digital Marketing & Measurement Model



When I tried my first UX teardown 4 years ago I read a ton of user onboarding & UX blog posts. This one got me hooked with its great and simple user onboarding case studies because it uses popular products (that I already use) and shares the reasoning behind every UX comment or practice that exists in those products. Its not a coincidence that the guy behind this blog, hired by Netflix.

Tip: Read all its case studies are awesome!


Brian Balfour

Brian Balfour is the ex-VP of Hubspot and one of the most popular professionals when it comes to user acquisition and retentional strategies. The video of “Holy Grail of Traction” is a must-watch and his strategies about how to acquire and maintain user relationships are very effective & useful. His blog posts are a great source for strategy, performance tactics & optimization techniques. Sometimes his blog posts may remind you some “growth hacking” methods but Brian builds solid & repetitive growth frameworks which is not the case of latest growth hacking trends.