This is a WIP page, where I collect all blogs, portals, articles etc. I believe that are worth-sharing & must read. I’ll try to update it regularly 😉


Seth’s Blog

His books are bestsellers, his talks are viral. One of the most reputable marketing gurus, talking about marketing in the digital era & business mindset. Mass TV advertising is over and you need to be ready to change this mentality & adapt to new & more effective strategies.

Must Read Article: Every Marketing Challenge Revolve Around These Questions

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Occam’s Razor

The “God” of digital analytics. All of his articles are must-read. You might need a day or two to finish one article (most of his blog posts are quite long) but they definitely worth it. What do you think when someone says: All data in aggregate is “crap?

Must Read Article: Digital Marketing & Measurement Model

Tip: Read users comments as well, some of them are very useful and you can find relevant Avinash’s answers as well.


Buffer Blog

Clearly, one of the best social media blogs with interesting experiments & useful content. Startup life challenges, interesting management approaches & social media hacks are there waiting from you to read them. Articles that drive action, best practices according to actual tests & real data (not just benchmarks).

Must Read Article: 7 Powerful Social Media Experiments That Grew Our Traffic by 241% in 8 Months

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Growth Hackers

A complete portal for modern marketing & growth hacking. Literally, you can find everything there. Don’t forget to check AMA’s & case studies.

Must Read Article: The Holy Grail of Traction

Tip: Growth hacking is here to stay, do not ignore it.



THE website for SEO. You can find quality articles from readers as well. SEO is a challenging marketing channel but Rand is willing to help you understand how it works.

Must Read Article: 91 Points Checklist for e-Commerce Conversion Optimization

Tip: Check their “whiteboard Friday” section.



This is where “Inbound Marketing” was born! A “gem” for B2B Marketing strategies & tactics. Great source for salespeople as well.

Must Read Article: How Redesigning Hubspot’s Website Doubled Conversion Rates 

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The “alternative” source for SEO. Although it’s not the #1 SEO site, it definitely has a lot of hacks & stories that are worthwhile.
Tip: It is not about “blackhat” techniques (only).


Agile Marketing

The only available source about Agile Marketing methodologies, owned by Jim Ewel. Agile Marketing is not widely adopted across marketing landscape but due to increased complexity of marketing actions (especially digital oriented initiatives) it’s becoming popular.




Facebook BluePrint

The one and only Facebook certification, made by Facebook. (careful marketers, it is advanced 😉 )


Google Certifications

Google Analytics & Google AdWords are the knowledge foundation for every digital advertiser out there.


Hubspot Academy

Do you want to learn about Inbound Marketing? This is the place!


ConversionXL Institute

If you want to learn what is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and understand that marketing isn’t only about advertising but product as well, then you should check this out. (Note: I haven’t completed yet, but I am on my way)



Bonus Resource


Weapons of Mass Distribution Conference

One of the greatest conferences for growth & marketing with nice presentations that inspire & provide actionable insights. Enjoy!