An unusual email concept

Email marketing

is one of the first digital marketing channels. In general, most of the time when it comes to email marketing, users are seeking relevance & value while marketers are looking for sales & revenue. Companies that align users’ intention with their strategy build loyal customers, while companies that fail, help to produce scientific articles like this (#must read).

On a regular Valentine’s day, a lot of brands send the same emails but they change their subject line. But this year, Sidekick sent me a pure love email, reminding me our relationship and that due to my zero engagement they offered me the chance to “break up”. They also took the blame for it, saying “It’s not you, it’s us”.

So, here is the email copy:

This email:

  • Has great concept
    It’s a brave and perfectly timed concept, in which brand may lose subscribers but they will resurrect users as well -like me-.
  • Highly relevant image
    A heart and a question in pink background fit perfect.
  • Easily readable copy
    Email copy consists of targeted bold & italic letters that helped me get the message fast and easy.
  • Interesting CTA
    I’ve seen a lot of CTAs like this and it seems like it’s a trend so we expect to see more in the future. Interesting approach, let’s see if it works.

Email marketing is here to stay and we need to continually explore new concepts in order to stay relevant and provide value to our users.